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I knew you in my mother’s womb – God told me an angel awaited
GO FORTH! I was born for you and you for me.
Two angel souls born weakened – was our imminent death destined?
I with half a heart, yours made whole, yet too weak to keep them though
You wanted to live, as did I, both born of life with a warrior’s soul
But had not God revealed to me in my mother’s womb
An angel awaited, purposed for each birth?
Though miles separated us, you would join me on the battleground
Day thirteen, critically wounded to some, gallantly we merged strengths,
Under the command of a King, who like us, died and lived for the Holy Crown
Warriors fighting side by side against all odds, now in the presence of God
The battle victoriously won, suddenly an angel departed
Twas then I knew, it was you, the angel who awaited
Now soldiers of God, warriors in life together
We await His divine plan, His holy command
The two of us shall prevail to fight forever
We are old souls to live – Have we not already lived and died to one?
Reborn again? Two warriors called by one name? GABRIEL GIDEON
GO FORTH!! For I have called two warriors to life- LIVE ON- LIVE ON!!

By Gail L. Kenning


Interesting information that keeps you aware.

  • Congenital heart defects are the #1 cause of birth defect related deaths.
  • Stressors that come along with chronic illness are: financial, separation from the child during hospitalizations, lack of perceived social support and uncertainty about the life expectancy of the child.